Small Puzzle adventure made for Global Game Jam 2019 - GGJ Asturias site.

Home for us is family, and this game is about remembering and celebrating the ones who passed away and being close together during difficult times. The story is about two boys. One is in a really bad place and the other one is going to help him, aided by their family.

Controls (keyboard):

  • Arrows - Move
  • Spacebar - Action
  • Shift/Tab - Switch soul

Controls (xbox 360 controller)

  • Left stick - Move
  • A- Action
  • B - Switch soul


  • Ivan Batalla: 3D Enviroment
  • Hernan Marandino: Music and Fx Sound
  • Daniel Guerra: Game Design thinking
  • Edu Gargollo:  Programmer

Additional art:

Kid model:

Animations by mixamo

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